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***affordable, energy star efficient, "GREEN",
                 wind resistant structures ***

High Strength Structures, LLC has developed with Stanley Engineering Inc. a thoroughly engineered method of producing integrated, high strength, light weight, energy efficient, composite structures and building components in a fast, efficientand cost-effective manner. The inaugural product, StormSafe Homes, is certified to withstand winds of up to 200 MPH which protects against the kind of damages seen during the last few years in several parts of the world, causingbillions of dollars worth of damages in both insured and uninsured losses. 

HSS designs use steel structural members, alongwith various internal and external wall composites which not only provide forthe strength needed to resist wind loading, but also permit the housing units to be less susceptible to termites, water damage, mold, fungus and wildfire problems.  The structural elements are custom formed for each house designinto panels and completed as sections in the factory that are set to form a house or office.  Through a combination of higher volumes, shifting scare labor from the field to the factory, reducing material waste, and applying proprietary designs that are readily built in a factory setting, the final costs for HSS units are price competitive .

Following are the key features of HSS products:

* ProfessionalEngineering certified to withstand 200 MPH winds and impervious totermites/ants, mold, rot, fungus

*  Shorterdelivery time from design to occupancy vs. conventional site built ( 4 to 6 weekscompared to 6 to 12 months)  through its proprietary manufacturing technology

* Lessscrap and waste in building process usually, 2% vs. 25%

* LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points will be granted oncertified projects allowing considerable incentives and financing

* Upto 50% reduction in home owner's insurance, 30% reduction in heating and cooing cost, higher re-sale value and lower ongoing maintenance costs.